On this segment, we welcome Rickey Bowen, CRPC, CEP, financial planner with Gateway Financial Advisors, Inc., who teaches us how to live and thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you need a jumpstart, refresh or just a friendly reminder about how to make your treasure work for you, just Ask Rickey!

Rickey Bowen welcomes questions, comments and interest. Reach him via email (Rickey.bowen@gfainvestments.com), schedule a consult with his assistant Tasha Hoffman (tasha.hoffman@cir2.com) or call direct at (641) 209-8421.


Ask Rickey: How to Have Fun With Your Tax Refund

Let's talk refunds! Uncle Sam may have had it all year but now that it's in your pocket, we find out from Rickey how to be smart about your tax refund and plan now for 2018.

Ask Rickey: Finding Your MVP

Ready to get started with a financial planner? Rickey gives you his tips on how to prepare to add an MVP to your financial team.

Ask Rickey: You Worked Hard for the Money - Now Keep It!

You've made your money. Now how do you keep it?! On this segment, we discuss that all important word - savings - and chat about how to hang onto that hard earned dough.


Changing jobs? Excited but a bit overwhelmed by that new job offer? On this episode of Ask Rickey! we explore the advantages and disadvantages of a new job offer and what to look for before you say yes. Listen in as Rickey offers a four part guide to what to prioritize when you’re considering a new job. And by the way, congrats!


You’ve got kids. They need to learn so educational savings is hot on your list. But you also need to save for your own retirement. Which one comes first when you can’t do it all? On this segment we hear from Rickey on the latest thinking on how to put your own mask on first. The answer may very well surprise you! Let’s go!


You’re a newly married DINK (double income no kids) and someone suggests you consider buying life insurance but you’re not sure why? On this segment, check out the latest advice on what to know when considering adding life insurance to the mix.

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