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We talk to actor/director Richard Harder, filmmakers Ezra J. Stanley and Michael Axtell, and sculptor Nemo Gould about life as an artist in the Bay Area.

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Last Word: Governor Jerry Brown: Gov. Jerry Brown, America's unofficial climate change ambassador in the Trump era, heads to China

Guest Profiles


Richard Harder, Actor, Director, Teacher
Born in New York City, Richard’s acting career has spanned 35 years, with performances in every medium, including film, television and commercials. After receiving his degree in Education from Western Washington University, Richard began actor training in 1977 with Dominic Difasio and Geraldine Baron of the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles. Richard has been a member of various theaters in both San Francisco and Los Angeles and has been nominated for and won several awards for his theatrical performances. In 2002, Richard began directing theater productions, and so far has directed nineteen plays. Among his accolades are 4-Star reviews for directing Pvt. Wars in 2005 and winning S.F. Critic’s Circle best director for Athol Fugard’s Master Harold ….and the boys in 2012. Richard is currently the Artistic Director of award winning Off Broadway West Theatre Company at the Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco. LinkedIn | Facebook


Nemo Gould, Kinetic Sculptor
Oakland, California-based found-object fine artist Nemo Gould has produced a prolific body of work that attempts to reconcile the innocent wonder of youth with the full complexity of the adult experience. A look at his portfolio will deeply challenge any preconceived notion of what art made from salvaged materials can look like. His kinetic works bear clean, polished lines, exhibit fluid motion, and evoke a genuine, childlike sense of wonder and surprise. Gould earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1998, and his Master of Fine Arts degree at U.C. Berkeley in 2000. His work has been featured frequently in national media and is shown in galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and abroad. Website | Facebook | IG | YouTube


Ezra Stanley, Screen Artist, Director & Writer
With a BA in Cinema, Ezra J. is a multi-award winning Screen Artist, Director, and Writer who co-founded AboveGrey Pictures, a boutique that creates cinematically engaging commercials, music videos, and films. Most recently, he won Best Commercial as Writer-Director for his cinematic Toymail "Pancakes" commercial at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, billed as the "Cannes of Short Films." Being a native of San Francisco, along with his Belize heritage from his father of Mayan descent and mother of Garifuna (black Caribbean) descent, have contributed to his extraordinarily versatile, original, and socially conscious onscreen work. Ezra J. has designed and directed benefit concerts to entertain audiences that number into the thousands, including shows for the United Nations, the American India Foundation, and TiEcon. He is currently focusing on developing character-driven film projects. When Ezra J. is not crafting stories, you can almost guarantee he's out surfing, motorcycling, or dissecting films. Website | AboveGrey Website | Facebook | Instagram


Michael Axtell, Video Producer, Documentary Filmmaker
Photo Credit: Jon Gorr
Born and raised in San Francisco’s sunset district, Michal is the award-winning ad producer at AboveGrey Pictures and emerging film director under his own Dreaming Monk Productions label. With a wide range of interests and experiences as a visual artist, educator, travel photographer, poet, and athlete, his work explores the intersection between modern technology, traditional knowledge, and the evolution of human consciousness. He studied film at SF School of Digital Filmmaking and the School of Hard Knocks; he carries a B.A. (Anthropology) from UC Santa Barbara. An intrepid traveler, Michael ‘s work reflects this. His first feature documentary, "Nyogon: together" is an intimate portrayal of a small village in Mali, West Africa, that is using sustainable plant-breeding methods to combat climate change. When he’s not directing or producing, Michael enjoys the balancing act between Zenning out, engaging in late night dancefloor battles, and aggressively rooting for his teams--49ers, Giants, and Warriors.  AboveGrey Website | DreamingMonk Website | Nyogon Website | LinkedIn | Facebook-Nyogon | Instagram

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