The Ambassadors Circle invites you to...Join the Circle!

In 360BayArea’s Season 1 finale we highlight our new focus for 2018, what it means to become an Ambassador, and formally invite you to...Join the Circle!

Episode Notes:

Join the Circle: As a member of The Ambassadors Circle, you are joining like-minded individuals on a mission to inspire and equip all of us to #DoMoreGood. Click here to learn more!

Guest Profiles


Andrea Plell, US Communications Director at Fashion Revolution Day, Founder: Ecologique Fashion
Andrea Plell is a freelance writer, fashion consultant and activist passionate about engaging a paradigm shift in the fashion industry. Bay Area-based, Andrea supports thoughtful designers who are making a difference in the world through Ecologique Fashion. EF: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Andrea: Facebook | LinkedIn

Production Credits: 
Sound Design by Courtney Grace with Hosts Becca, LT, Christianne Harder and j-
Guest Relations by Andrea Rush with Production Assistance by Jen Huynh
Content Development by Sophia Cross
Graphic Design by Christopher Alvarez and Digital Experience by Voxara
360BayArea Intro Music by Courtney Grace with vocals by ElleT

Featured Music + Clips:  
Courtney Grace - Ask Rickey Theme Music, What’s the 411 Theme Music                                       
K. Solis “Wavy”, “For U”, & “Creator
Phil David “PHD” & “Spin Cycle”
D.A.H. Trump “Waiting For You” & “Sungazing”
Otis Galloway “Between Here and There”
Ian Post “Elevating Burst”
Kevin Graham “Autumn”
Luke Melville “Sol Dance”
Yanivi“Monkey Funk”

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