#FashionRevolution: Made In America!

Meet Joanne Hong and Andrew Langsdorf, co-founders of Bay-based clothing label Alamere Designs and fighters of the good fight for fashion made in America.

Guest Profiles


Joanne Huang, Co-Founder, Alamere Designs

Inspired by her entrepreneurial household and her beloved, childhood Sierra Club calendar, Joanne combined her Materials Science degree and MBA to co-found the technical lifestyle apparel line, Alamere Designs. She describes her everyday work as a mixture of madness and inspiration. Joanne is a strong proponent of local and domestically made goods, and believes that sustainability can be achieved through good, classic design. Some of her fondest memories come from being in the trees with her family, and she hopes that Alamere Designs’ versatile clothing line encourages people to explore somewhere with no buildings or cell service. Joanne continues to return to the trees - camping or backpacking with her dog, Fuzz - to balance entrepreneur life and remember the beauty and perspective of the natural world. Joanne holds a B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from UCLA, and an MBA from The Wharton School.  

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Andrew Langsdorf, Co-Founder, Alamere Designs

Before coming to San Francisco four years ago, Andrew worked in a variety of roles at Nike and Mt. Hood Meadows while living in Portland, OR. After the familiar existential crisis from working traditional corporate roles, he decided to return to the Bay Area. Here he teamed up with a fellow outdoor enthusiast to start Alamere Designs, combining outdoor technology with streetwear. Trees and mountains have always held a large presence in Andrew’s life and help to inform his sustainable and functional design ideas. Growing up a constant builder and tinkerer and graduating from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Finance & Marketing, Andrew is motivated by creating well-designed, tangible goods that resonate with people and inspire them for their next adventure.

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Check out Jon Oliver’s rant on Last Week Tonight on the Fast Fashion Industry


  • The Last Word by Jon Oliver Fast Fashion Industry
  • Designer Resources: Makers Row, where you can find ethical and sustainable factories and manufacturers, and AboutSources, where you can find American fabric and trim suppliers, cut and sew contractors, and more.


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